Were you asked to record yourself giving a presentation or a course?

Below you will find a series of recommendations to help you record a quality video using just your smartphone!

Choose your location

Record in a well-lit area. Avoid backlit or harsh overhead lights and, where possible, face the light source. Your face should be lit evenly and not have unwanted shadows.
Find a quiet place to film the video. Avoid areas with ambient noise or echoes.
Tidy up the background before recording, removing any clutter or distractions.


Record using the main camera rather than the front camera.
Set the image ratio to 16:9 (widescreen).
Make sure the smartphone is in the correct position.
If possible, use a mobile phone stand to stabilize the phone. Avoid holding the phone with your hands.
The camera should be positioned at eye level. Avoid shooting from above or below.
Do not stand or sit too far from your phone. Your device should be set close enough to pick up audio clearly. Avoid using zoom to ensure the best possible quality.

Tips while recording

You can record the video either standing or sitting, but be aware of your posture while recording (stand or sit up straight, keeping your shoulders back). Always look at the camera.
Speak loudly and clear.

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