On October 2022, our team attended DevLearn Conference and Expo at Las Vegas. It’s our pleasure to announce we won the Best Social/Soft Skills Project award at DemoFest! Our winning solution, "A Trip of Unfortunate Events", is part of a larger innitiative, targeted to employees of an energy company. This solution, created with Articulate Storyline 360, is an innovative and exciting gamified branching scenario that manages to assess both technical and soft skills within a motivational learning experience.

The scenario consists of on a journey where the users have to make decisions and solve problems in a virtual environment. Each decision leads to a different outcome, and the learner must navigate through the different paths to reach the end goal. As the learner progresses, each decision impacts on the energy and a satisfaction bar, creating a sense of accomplishment and showing how accurate the choice was.

To learners, the project is not only fun, but also efficient. The 3D visuals, the game elements and the realistic story keep the user's attention all along, making it possible to put their knowledge into practice while being entertained. The idea is that once they’ve completed the course, the audience is ready to achieve established goals, having improved their sales, communication, technical and time management skills.

It was a pleasure to attend the event and see so many interesting solutions. We want to thank everyone who voted for this project, and to our amazing team who made it possible!

Click here to explore our solution published by Articulate.

For more details about the development process here’s our interview with Maga Verrengia and Franco Pomidoro:

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