Tailor-made solutions designed specifically to meet your needs and achieve your business goals. eLearning courses do the trick when we work together!

Developing custom built courses involves coming up with a solution that meets your specific needs, taking into account each company’s culture, training context, audience and source material.

Our Approach

We work together with our clients, providing them with a team of professional resources:

  • Project Leader in charge of managing the project
  • Instructional Designer designs effective eLearning that engages learners
  • Graphic and Multimedia Designers and Animators develop the look & feel of the final product, adopting our clients’ graphic style/identity or creating a new, fresh look!
  • Our Programmers and Experts in Technology assess the available technology and help us come up with a flexible solution
Six steps to developing effective training!
Identify course objectives:
For training to be effective, objectives should be clear, measurable and lead to specific results. What should employees be able to do or achieve after taking the course? What behavior should they be adopting?
Define the audience:
Defining the audience helps the Instructional Designer to design a training proposal tuned to the needs and interests of those who will take the course. Who is taking the course? Who is the intended audience?
Analyze the content:
The Instructional Designer will analyze the source material and will meet with the SMEs.
Build the storyboard:
This includes determining structure, duration, the content to be covered, the activities and the type of assessment to be implemented.
Develop the course (production):
Graphic style, narration, fonts, multimedia formats, animations, images, video, clips and activities play a key role during this step.
Send for review and validation:
Deliverables are sent to the client to be reviewed and validated. Upon confirmation, course files are sent to the client.
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